Pangaea Ventures provides growth capital to Airborne International

The Hague – Vancouver based Pangaea Ventures (, an investment firm dedicated to Advanced Materials, has invested Euro 4 million of growth capital in composites specialist Airborne International in The Hague. With this investment, Pangaea joins a total Euro 10 million growth financing round led by existing shareholders including Amsterdam-based HPE Growth Capital. Airborne International is a technology leader in the design, production and industrialization of advanced composite products for aerospace and marine sectors. At the beginning of this year, Airborne entered into a partnership with Siemens, Kuka and Delft Technical University to become a leader in automated composites manufacturing for aeronautics and marine applications.

Chris Erickson, General Partner of Pangaea, commented on the investment: “We are truly excited being part of the Airborne International shareholder base. In that role we are looking forward to supporting Airborne on its growth path to become the clear market leader in composite automated manufacturing for aeronautics and marine applications. Airborne has a manufacturing platform and deep expertise that will support tremendous growth in these and other markets.”

“The sophistication and level of composites automation will be a key success factor in this industry. With the decision to make automation part of Airborne’s strategy we have developed a true competitive advantage. Attracting the world leading advanced materials venture capital fund to invest in Airborne is a great confirmation of such a strategy. We are enthusiastic about the value-add which Pangaea, and its global strategic limited partners, brings to the table beyond its capital” said Arno van Mourik, Founder and CEO of Airborne International.

Airborne International currently employs more than 100 highly-skilled people and given its growth ambitions is currently strengthening the senior management levels. Customers of Airborne include directly and indirectly companies such as GE, Alstom and Airbus.

About Airborne International

Airborne International provides advanced composite solutions for industrial market leaders in the Aerospace, Defence, and Marine industry. As a preferred supplier we design, develop, qualify, manufacture and perform maintenance on composite products for the most demanding applications. Our goal is to assist and enable our customers to reach new frontiers. Airborne has all the engineering capabilities and manufacturing processes available in-house to bring challenging product ideas with a high market potential to a series-manufactured product in a partnership. In addition to the design and manufacture of composite products, Airborne develops and builds bespoke machines, with the capability to automate manufacturing of composites structures at competitive price levels for a number of industries worldwide.

About Pangea Ventures

Pangaea is the world leader in advanced materials venture capital. It invests in companies using advanced materials that make our world better. Established in 2000, Pangaea has built an outstanding portfolio addressing multi-billion dollar markets in energy, electronics, health and sustainability. Its unmatched materials network spans multiple industry verticals, and includes major multinationals as Strategic Limited Partners.

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