Airborne Oil & Gas wins JEC Award in Paris

Airborne has won the prestigious JEC Europe 2012 Innovation Award, for its revolutionary technology for thermoplastic composite pipes for the Oil & Gas industry. The award has been handed out during the JEC Europe Composites Show and Conference, the biggest composite exhibition worldwide, on 27 to 29 March 2012 in Paris, France.

With this award, Airborne receives recognition for its dedication and perseverance to bring this innovative design and manufacturing concept to the oil & gas industry. It opens up a whole new market for large volume application of composites, based on a truly industrialised production process. With this technology, Airborne can manufacture continuous length pipe of several kilometres of length, in one piece.

The pipe is a fully bonded, thermoplastic composite system in which all layers are melt-fused together to form one solid laminate. This pipe is stiff, yet spoolable, and can withstand the high external water pressures that occur in deepsea operations. Also, the pipe can handle high internal pressures and tension loads. Because of the use of thermoplastics, it is very robust and impact resistant. The technology has been in production since 2008 at Airborne. To further commercialise this technology, Airborne has moved its Oil and Gas operations into a newly-build, dedicated 10.000 m^2 production site, directly located at a deep sea harbour.