Dutch Prime Minister visits Airborne Composites

Day of Industry

On Tuesday February 7th 2017 the second edition of the “Day of Industry”  was organized at the Airbone – Siemens Fieldlab in The Hague.

With more than 400 representatives from the industry, institutes and government, it turns out to be a very successful event. Key note speaker was Prime Minister Rutte emphasizing the crucial importance and contribution of the Industry to the Dutch economy. 30% Of total national employment, 45% of total export and 60% of total R&D investments are impressive values fully linked to the Industry.

The Industry is currently in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. Robotics, automation and digitization are aspects that the Industry is dealing with. It offers great opportunities. As the Netherlands has an extended knowledge infrastructure and a strong tradition of collaboration we have key and unique ingredients to play a leading role in the new economic reality.  Airborne is one of the companies that is fully aware of these developments and in the mid of its transition. Together with industrial partners, institutes and government, Airborne is integrating automation and digitization in their automated composites solutions. Solutions that offer disruptive reduction of cost and lead times at improved and consistent quality levels. Conditions that will further improve Airborne’s competitive advantage and even enables Airborne to beat low cost countries. As Prime Minister Rutte concluded, robotics and employment go hand in hand and innovation should not be frustrated but fully supported and facilitated by the government.

source: http://www.airborne.com/day-of-the-industry/

Video summary “Day of Industry”:


Picture of Mark Rutte at Airborne:

Nederland, Den Haag, 7 februari 2017.
Dag van de Industrie.
Foto: Jeroen Poortvliet.