Holland Private Equity joins the Dutch Private Equity Association (NvP) as a New Member.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 15, 2010 – The European private equity firm Holland
Private Equity (“HPE”) has become a member of the Dutch Private Equity & Venture Capital
Association (“NVP”).

HPE Managing Director commented: “We are very excited about having been granted the
opportunity to join the NVP and, through our membership, will actively contribute in raising the
awareness in respect of late-stage growth investing as an investment category.”

About Holland Private Equity

Established in 2008, Holland Private Equity (“HPE”) is a leading European private equity firm,
focusing on late-stage growth investments in small and mid-cap technology companies within the
Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Its main focus is on stand-alone investment opportunities in
which it can invest EUR 10 – 15m for a significant minority position. Having built a team of
investment professionals and an advisory network of operational and technology veterans, HPE
brings more than growth capital alone by closely working with management teams to accelerate
growth. HPE has offices in Amsterdam and Düsseldorf.

About the NVP

The NVP is the industry association of private equity firms in the Netherlands. The objectives of
the NVP are to (1) improve the climate for private equity investments in the Netherlands; (2)
inform entrepreneurs of the possibilities of private equity for the financing of their company; (3)
inform professional investors about the characteristics of private equity as an investment category
and (4) contribute to the further professionalization of the private equity sector. The NVP is the
point of contact for anyone who wishes to know more about private equity. The NVP presents the
viewpoints of the sector, carries out market research, publishes brochures, provides speakers
and disseminates information about its members and associates. It also organizes training
courses and networking activities for members and associates.

Media Relations Contacts
Hans van Ierland
Holland Private Equity B.V.
+31 20 7143400

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