PPRO Group takes the spotlight at 2015 Emerging Payment Awards

London, United Kingdom – 19 October 2015 PPRO Group hit the top spot at the 2015 Emerging Payment Awards, winning two sought after awards: ‘Emerging Payments Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ‘Leading Emerging Payments Organisation of the year’. The win marks the on-going success of the company and reaffirms its position as a leading player within the payments industry.

The company‘s co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Tobias Schreyer, was named the winner of the ‘Emerging Payments Entrepreneur of the Year’. Tobias was commended for his entrepreneurial spirit that has been “instrumental in evolving the PPRO offering in response to rising demand for alternative payment methods, from the first version of this portal in 2007 through FCA authorisation to issue e-money in 2012, and into a key, profitable player in the e-payment space”, commented the judges, a group of highly acknowledged e-payment experts.

The ‘Leading Emerging Payments Organisation of the year’ category was also awarded to PPRO Group for offering all acquiring services for a multitude of international alternative payment methods across more than 100 countries. Under one contract, through one single integration and one platform, PPRO processes, collects, reconciles, consolidates and pays out all payments for PSPs’ merchants. The judges said: “PPRO Group is continually evolving its service to enable PSPs to help their customers increase their conversion rate by offering a wide range of alternative, international electronic payment systems.”

Simon Black, CEO at PPRO Group commented on the award wins: “We are thrilled to receive these awards which we feel are recognition of both PPRO Group’s innovative approach to payments and ongoing success.”

For more information, please contact Elke Woessner from the PPRO Group at Elke.woessner@theppro.com
or call +44 (0) 203 65 74 915.

About PPRO Group

Cross-border e-payment specialist, PPRO Group, (PPRO) removes the complexity of international ecommerce payments by acquiring, collecting and processing an extensive range of alternative payments methods for Payment Service Providers (PSPs) under one contract, through one platform and one single integration. PPRO supports international payment methods across more than 100 countries, allowing PSPs to expand their merchants’ e-commerce reach, arrange hassle-free collection and achieve higher conversion rates.

PPRO also issues Visa and MasterCard consumer prepaid cards, under its own brand name VIABUY, and enables B2B prepaid cards, under its CROSSCARD and FLEETMONEY brands, which can be issued both physically and as virtual cards or NFC devices (as stickers).

Part of the PPRO Group founded in 2006 and headquartered in London, PPRO Financial Ltd is an EU based financial institution with an e-money license issued by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). For more information, please visit www.ppro.com.