Yvan Morel de Westgaver and Carmen Cordier join HPE as Special Advisors

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 4, 2009 – Holland Private Equity (“HPE”) is proud to announce that two outstanding experts of operational excellence have recently decided to join HPE as Special Advisors. This brings the number of Special Advisors associated with HPE to a total of five. Moreover, the additions underline HPE’s commitment to Belgium as a key geography in its investment focus. Following talks during late summer 2009, Carmen Cordier (member of the
founding family of Telindus, now part of Belgacom) joined HPE as a Special Advisor in Q3/2009. More recently, HPE was also able to attract Yvan Morel de Westgaver. HPE is convinced that both Carmen and Yvan, with their backgrounds in technology and finance, will be of tremendous value to our future investments: Carmen is from the Flemish part of Belgium and Yvan from the
Wallonian part of Belgium.

About Carmen Cordier

Carmen Cordier is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Crossroad Consulting. Mrs.
Cordier has more than 15 years of experience in the ICT industry. Graduated as a civil engineer
in electronics, she started her career as an analyst in a bank. In 1992, Mrs. Cordier joined
Telindus where she stayed for nearly 15 years and took up different roles contributing to Telindus’
international growth (account manager, investor relations, corporate director surveillance, vice
president strategy). In 2006, Telindus was taken over by Belgacom, Mrs. Cordier stayed on board
for one more year as the Vice President Strategy for Telindus. Mrs. Cordier holds an MBA of
Oxford University. She is a Board Member at Arkafund, DesleeClama, Punch Telematix and the
Brussels Philharmonic.

About Yvan Morel de Westgaver

Yvan Morel de Westgaver has been the Managing Director of EDS in Belgium and Luxembourg
from 2001 until end of 2006. Mr. Morel has been representing EDS towards clients and the ICT
community in Belgium and Luxembourg, taking charge of important sales cycles at boardroom
level. Under his leadership, this organization has grown at double-digit CAGR to a division with a
turnover of EUR 200 million, ranking no. 1 in the Belgian outsourcing market. He held various
board seats during this period: board member of Fin-Force n.v. (a joint-venture with KBC), board
member of Finodis n.v. (a joint-venture with FORTIS), board member of AGORIA (Belgian
employers federation), Chairman of the ICT federation (Agoria IT Solutions). Prior to his
promotion to Managing Director, Mr. Morel de Westgaver held CFO positions for eight years at
EDS France and EDS EMEA respectively. He joined EDS in 1987 in the global CFO office in the
USA. Since 2007, Mr. Morel is active in private equity and has multiple board positions at his
portfolio companies.

About Holland Private Equity

Established in 2008, Holland Private Equity (“HPE”) is a leading European private equity firm,
focusing on late-stage growth investments in small and mid-cap technology companies within the
Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Its main focus is on stand-alone investment opportunities in
which it can invest EUR 10 – 15m for a significant minority position. Having built a team of
investment professionals and an advisory network of operational and technology veterans, HPE
brings more than growth capital alone by closely working with management teams to accelerate
growth. HPE has offices in Amsterdam and Düsseldorf.
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